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    About Us


    The school’s mission statement is “Working together, learning together, moving forward”

    The long-term goal of the school is to provide the best possible education and care for the pupils with special educational needs.  The progress and placement of pupils will be continually reviewed.  Alternative provision could include continued placement at The Avenue School, integration with other schools or an alternative placement.

    Staff work to develop pupils’ skills and interests to their fullest potential.  Opportunities will be made available to develop expertise in specific curricular areas.  The school will be prepared to share its knowledge and expertise with other professionals in the education service.

    We consider the school community to include pupils, parents, staff and governors.

    In particular this school aims:

    1. To provide the very best opportunities for all pupils to enable them to fulfil their full potential mentally, physically, socially and emotionally.
    1. To provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils to develop the skills and knowledge needed for life.
    1. To maintain and develop the learning environment.
    1. To support staff with their own personal development and preparation for the future of Special Education.
    1. To develop the school as a specialist resource.

    There will be equal provision regardless of sex, race, culture, social class, age or disability.
    The school will provide a happy and secure environment in which to achieve these aims.