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    The students experience a range of processes and techniques from handling paint, clay and glue, for the very young and the tactile defensive, to learning about the proportions of the face, for portraiture, and colour mixing and tone for the more advanced. They use a range of mediums including paint, pastel, clay, papier-mache and collage materials. For a large number of our students the process is much more important than the outcome, we do, however, enjoy displaying the wide range of learning that the students undertake.

    The school had an Art subject inspection in March 2010 and was judged outstanding in all areas. See the report below.

    A case study was included in the Ofsted Annual Report entitled Making a Mark and the case study is highlighted on page 28 of the document below.


    1. Making a mark - Art Ofsted 2010
    2. Art - Art Inspection March 2010