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    Maths at The Avenue School spans 4 key stages, from the Early Years Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 3. Throughout the school, students’ skills of counting, calculating, measuring and problem solving are often catered toward practical and transferable life skills, such as working with money or adding real-life contexts to calculations and problem solving.

    Maths is taught very creatively and is interwoven into almost every subject area or daily activity, most notably into music, PE, art and as a part of the lunchtime routine.

    The school uses guidance from the new National Curriculum and the Early Years Development Matters. Teachers work together with support staff to adapt objectives and tasks to suit the complex needs of our varied cohort.
    Students with the most complex needs access the Sensory Curriculum. Here, maths becomes a part of cognitive development involving work on cause & effect, exploration of shapes, textures and materials.

    A number of pupils receive interventions from specialist support staff, in order to boost their learning or confidence. Thanks to this intervention, pupils’ learning and focus increase in class lessons.

    The school has an annual “Maths Week” with a focus all week on all things mathematical including the ever popular “Maths in Art” activities, including work on symmetry, pattern, colour and shape.

    Window on Maths