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    RE and SMSC (& Collective Worship)

    Our pupils represent many different faiths. RE is taught, primarily, through the celebration of special events and occasions in different religions. Collective Worship takes place daily in each class. This can take the form of reflection, a discussion, a song or a prayer. Once a week, each class attends an assembly. Assemblies are broadly Christian in their nature and offer an opportunity for inclusive learning as well as SMSC. An assembly will always include an element of Collective Worship.  

    RE is closely linked with the daily social and moral life of the school.  Pupils will be helped to acquire a respect for religious and moral values as well as an understanding of and tolerance for other religions, races and ways of life. 

    Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC) is recognised by everyone as a vital feature throughout school life. Our pupils are encouraged to use imagination and creativity in their learning and to explore, respect and celebrate cultural diversity. The Avenue School is becoming well known for its SMSC events such as Christmas, Eid, Divali and Easter. Where possible, parents are involved in planning and delivering our special celebrations which are multi-sensory in their nature and include food, fashion, music and art. Easter has particular significance in our SMSC provision – in our special ‘Celebration of Life’ assembly we remember those members of the school community we have lost. Together we have a ‘Walk of Life’ in the local area, greeting members of the community by handing out daffodils. Pupils also have an opportunity to explore farm animals in our Sensory Garden on this day.

    Parents may withdraw their children from all, or part of the religious education and collective worship provided. Parents who wish to exercise their right to withdraw the child from religious activities should make their request in writing to the Headteacher.