HEATWAVE July 2022

Dear Parents,


There is much concern at present about how our young people will remain safe on Monday and Tuesday of next week during the forecasted high temperatures. Currently, there is no clear national or local advice for schools of our nature. That advice is only likely to be offered if the Level 4 health warning threshold is reached. I will continue to keep you posted.  We have already contacted a number of parents of some of the most medically vulnerable young people to offer options.

More generally, if pupils are attending school on Monday and Tuesday, we will be reducing the expectation, encouraging water play (in the shade), not allowing people out into unshaded spaces, allowing access to the air conditioned spaces as necessary, offering plenty of fluids, and calm time/spaces.

I can also confirm that the school year ends at 1.15 p.m. Tuesday 19th July 2022.


Many thanks