Growing Up - SRE / PSHE

Through this extensive programme, appropriate levels of health education are delivered. In the early years, topics help children to develop an understanding of themselves as individuals, as members of the family and as part of a group.  This is then extended to a consideration of attitudes, respect, responsibility, feelings, behaviour and morality.

Older pupils are then helped towards an understanding of the human body, human sexuality, personal relationships, social pressures, education for parenthood and the helping agencies.  The programme follows the National Curriculum Non-statutory guidelines for Personal, Social and Health Education.  It is anticipated that the programme will help students to cope with the physical and emotional aspects of growing up.  Teachers are supported in this work by the school nurse. 

Sex Education

The 1993 Education Act requires sex education to be provided as part of the National Curriculum, and it is taught with due regard to moral considerations and an emphasis on the value and importance of family life. The programme is not taught in isolation but within the framework of a personal development programme dealing with many aspects of growing up.

The issues addressed are personal identity and self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence, emotions, relationships and interpersonal skills, values, cultural and moral issues, decision making and choices, social and biological aspects of sex and sexuality and a healthy life style.  They are addressed in the context of cultural and religious diversity, the school community, family values, equal opportunities, attitudes and awareness of consequences.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from sex education lessons and should discuss the matter with the Headteacher should they wish to do so.