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    Forms & Policies

    All parents/carers connected with the school have a right of access to all documentation specifically relating to their child.  Parents also have right of access to the following documents:

    1. The school Curriculum Policy
    2. Ofsted reports
    3. Complaints procedure about the school curriculum
    4. RE and Sex Education policies

    Information can be found here and also within other sections of the website. Further enquires about any or all of these should be made to the Headteacher in the first instance.

    1. Curriculum Policy final
    2. School Charging Policy
    3. Safeguarding Policy 2015
    4. Anti bullying policy
    5. Complaint Procedure and Guidance -Academy
    6. Positive Handling Policy
    7. Restrictive Physical Interventions Policy
    8. homework policy jan2016
    10. GDPR_Data Protection Policy
    11. GDPR_Privacy Notice_ Workforce_20180116 copy.docx