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    Senior Staff Group (SSG)



    Dame Sue Bourne DBE


    Deputy Head

    Mary Harris
    Admissions, Recruitment, Premises and H & S, Finance



    Deputy Head

    Symon Cooke
    Teaching & Learning, and Safeguarding


    Assistant Head

    Serena Wootton
    Head of Sensory and Data

    Qualified Teacher of Visually Impaired (QTVI)


    Assistant Head

    Anna Stephenson
    Head of Pastoral Support and Attendance

    Psychotherapist (UKCP)


    Assistant Head

    Maarit Eben
    Head of Autism and Curriculum



    Middle Leaders

    Cass Minette-George

    Katie Gray 


    Class Leads

    Jess Wigmore

    Elinor Webb

    Sandra Jemmott

    Kathy Rice

    Clare Allaway

    Kate Card

    Hope Zananiri

    Laura Jones

    Ros Proyart

    Greg Beha

    Alex Elwood (Currently on maternity leave)

    Sophie Telford

    Dominic Geraghty

    Connie Sinclair

    Helen Bardskey

    Gosia Stendiuch

    Erastus Kiage

    Karen Hewitt

    Mary Roche

    Hannah Lelli

    Lydia Willaims (Teacher Training)

    Tom Stobie (Teacher Training)





    In addition the school has a very large team of class based staff. Parents are informed at the beginning of each year who is the Class Lead and which Teaching Assistants and Support Assistants are supporting their child.

    The school currently has 140 staff who are either part of the leadership team, class based or in the administration team supporting 117 pupils.