Dance and Wiggle

Monday 30th March 2020 9.30am - 10.00am in The Square

Dance and Wiggle is an annual event that raises money through sponsorship for Happy Days Children's Charity.  The pupils will assemble in The Square where Michaela Thacker will lead a Dance and Wiggle session which will be suitable for all.

Happy Days Children's Charity is one of The Avenue's favourite charities as they have funded a number of events at school, such as visits from M & M Productions, a theatre group who come and entertain everyone with one of their brilliant shows.  Also they have funded trips out of school.  These events may not have happened if it had not been for Happy Days funding.

The sponsorship form that was sent out to all parents and carers give details on how you can send your money to Happy Days.

You will be able to use your Squid account and add money as often as you want.

You can fundraise online at:  This is a quick and easy method to use as your donations are automatically sent to Happy Days.

The third way to donate is to fill in the sponsorship form and return it to school with the donation, cash or cheque, (cheques should be made out to The Avenue School)

The closing date for sponsorship is Friday 1st May 2020

Hopefully there will be photographs after the event which you will find on this page.