Attention Autism.

Also referred to as 'Attention Session', 'Bucket', or 'Bucket Time'.

We will be live streaming an Attention Autism session every day next week at 10am from our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/TheAvenueSpecialNeedsAcademy/. For next week you don’t need to bring anything – just yourselves and somewhere comfy to sit and watch. 

There are four stages to this highly motivating programme, which children learn to access as their attention and social communication skills progress. On Monday we will deliver a stage 1 ‘bucket’ session. This will only be short (5 minutes), but we will add more stages on different days to gradually increase the length of the sessions (a session with stages 1-4 lasts 20-30 minutes in total).

For more information on Attention Autism, you can visit the Gina Davies Autism Centre Facebook page, where regular videos are being shared that go through the purpose of the programme and strategies that can be used at home. The following three (very short!) videos provide a fantastic introduction to the basics of the programme and are helpful for the sessions we'll stream next week: Attention Autism Strategies, Attention Autism Strategies Video 3 The Bucket, Attention Autism Strategies Video 4.


Take care and hope that you join us on Monday morning!