Core Curriculum: Maths

At The Avenue School, we recognise that Mathematical and Cognition skills are essential to everyday life. Maths is also a skill which permeates and supports all areas of learning, allowing our pupils to access the wider curriculum. The aim of our Mathematics Curriculum is to enable our pupils to know and comprehend the world around them by equipping them with the skills they need to understand problems of number, quantity and space relevant to their lives. Our curriculum develops our pupils’ memory and their ability to interpret information, solve problems, reason and make decisions.

Our curriculum is inclusive, granular, and systematic setting out a clear progression of key Maths skills with teaching broken down into small achievable and sequential steps. There is a focus on the consistent use of core mathematical representations and clear mathematical language. We aim to make the teaching and learning of Mathematics meaningful and relevant.  Mathematical skills are reinforced by cross-curricular activities where pupils can consolidate and generalise their Maths skills, such as in work and careers related learning, cookery, play and leisure, health and well-being, travel and community inclusion.

Curriculum Continuum and Frameworks 

Ontario Framework for Cognition (0 months – 3 Years)

For pupils in the early stages of development the Ontario Framework supports us in choosing developmentally appropriate outcomes for each pupil and systematically supporting their learning and acquisition of skills towards meaningful next steps. Core skills at this stage include attention regulation, early problem solving, cause and effect exploration, spatial exploration, object permanence and memory.

White Rose Maths – Reception Scheme of Learning

The majority of pupils working within 2.5 – 6 Years cognitive development (as assessed by the Ontario Framework) will be ready to start the White Rose Maths (WRM) Reception programme.  The WRM Reception scheme provides a structured sequential curriculum with a focus on developing and consolidating core mathematical skills whilst being rich in opportunities for play based exploration and learning. The scheme develops early understanding of number, shape, measure and spatial thinking.  It is divided into ten sequential phases which we have further broken down into smaller ‘I can…’ statements. In-house baseline assessments are used to assess each individual’s current level of skill and to ensure teaching is delivered at the right level. 

White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths – Years 1+ Schemes of Learning

If and when ready, pupils will progress from the WRM Reception scheme onto the WRM Year 1+ schemes. Each scheme of learning presents opportunities for sequential progression in attainment of core Maths skills. Teaching and learning is organised into blocks which focus on key areas including place value, addition & subtraction, multiplication & division, measure, fractions and geometry. Each block is broken down into small sequential steps.  Baseline assessments using the school in-house assessment tool and WRM assessments are carried out to ensure that pupils are taught at an appropriate level.

Maths in Sixth Form 

For KS5 pupils, mathematics is led by their Adulthood Plan outcomes with a focus on contextual learning including practical life-skills, community and work-related learning which is embedded into the school day. An individualised approach is taken to ensure pupils have access to appropriate Maths learning to enable them to build the skills they need to achieve their adulthood outcomes.

Externally accredited programs incorporating mathematical skills are offered to if these are needed for their next steps / destinations and if the pupils are able to access the courses. Pupils’ EHCPs and Adulthood Plans guide us in deciding whether an accredited route is appropriate.