Covid-19 Home Learning

Support for our pupils and families during the COVID-19 restrictions:

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, The Avenue School is closed to most students until further notice.  These pages have been created for parents to access learning materials, ideas for home learning and online support.  Please contact your Class Lead or Pathway Assistant-Headteacher if you have any queries.

We will continue to update these pages during the partial school closure.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Videos on line for home learning can be found using the links below:



Week ending 5th Feb 2021

A pupil in Heron Class has made excellent progress with reading comprehension – up 2 levels since January!

3 pupils (from Linnet, Cormorant and Harrier) attended the whole of their virtual EHCP reviews, remaining engaged and contributing to the process;

a pupil in Sparrow Class has made scones at home and an excited Swan student has taken part in Attention Bucket on the doorstep!

A new friendship is blossoming in Goldcrest; friendship has been the theme in Nuthatch too, with three children sharing a swing and another child pushing! Also, in Nuthatch, a virtual session saw a pupil learn adjectives through puppets and soft toys on a video call.

Dove Class had 8 attendees on a Teams call – the session finished with a dance to Superman by Black Lace!

A pupil in Finch, who normally tends to wander off during virtual sessions, arrived on screen with a drum and entertained others.

A brave Raven student is now joining in on Teams calls where this has been really tricky before.

Cormorant students are engaging in a new type of ‘reading for pleasure’ in their remote sessions – short films which incorporate symbols and signs to aid comprehension and engagement.

An Osprey sixth former has prepared fajitas, muesli and granola at home this week - oh, and a Goldcrest pupil had a Stage 2 Attention Autism session, ‘It’s raining on me’ (the one with the transparent brolly…) actually in the pouring rain today!:-)  


Week ending 29th Jan 2021

Two Starling pupils, who hadn’t engaged with virtual sessions so far, joined in with great enthusiasm this week to make it a 100% participation in the class (one of these pupils also engaged in some Cornish pasty making this afternoon)!

The same happened to a student in Kestrel who is now excitedly pursuing shape drawings. Well done!

Swift and Barn Owl pupils have loved seeing and greeting their adults and peers on Teams; a Wren pupil is joining in on Teams learning as is a Robin pupil who’d previously found this tricky.

 Finch Class have a wonderfully lively virtual singing session (a sea shanty was included in the repertoire!) and two Osprey students emailed, independently, photos of cookies they had baked at home, for their BTEC files.

A Goldcrest pupil participated in a door step learning session and was so engaged that even a neighbour came out to applaud.

Harrier Class all attended a virtual Careers Week, including talks online by Police, Pets at home and a dog groomer.