Our Curriculum

Our core curriculum / areas of learning are:

  • Literacy, including Communication, Language and Literacy (CLL), Phonics and Reading for Pleasure
  • Maths, including Cognition
  • PSHE and RSHE, including Life Skills and Work-Related Learning where relevant
  • Physical Development 
  • Social Development (cross-curricular)
  • Emotional Development (cross-curricular)

Our wider curriculum (with relevant adaptations for different learning pathways) includes:

  • DT (Cookery)
  • ‘Our World’ (Science, History, Geography, RE)
  • ICT 
  • Creative Arts
  • Collective Worship

Each pathway has a termly theme / topic and an accompanying topic map. For example:


Importantly, our curriculum is not about teaching a topic or about a topic as such, in its own right, but rather, a topic is a context in which individual subjects and the appropriate skills and knowledge within them are taught. Outcomes in each subject build on each pupil’s existing skill set and show a clear understanding of progression to next (small) steps - a topic simply makes links and connections between areas of learning. This not only motivates by creating a ‘bigger picture’ but also supports our pupils’ long term memory. Please see above for an example of a topic map. Other examples of topics include ‘Earth Matters’ which incorporates animal science, global geography, outdoor sport, vegan cooking and contemporary texts about climate change and ‘Once Upon a Time’ which makes links between traditional tales, religious stories, relationships and fairy tale -inspired baking. 


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