Our Team






Business & Finance Manager / Data Protection Officer

Symon Cooke  

(Designated Safeguarding Lead)

BEd (Primary)


Tracey Green 



Deputy Head

Anna Stephenson 

(HR, Personal Development, Wellbeing)

BA (Hons), PGCE (Primary), Dip.Psych, MA (Child Psychotherapy)


Deputy Head 

Maarit Eben 

(Admissions & Curriculum)

BA (Hons), PGCE (Secondary), PGDip.Special Education


Assistant Heads (Teaching and Learning)






Senior Leads



Cassia Minette-George (Nurture and Engagement Pathway)

Ellie Webb (First Steps and Foundation)

Katie Gray (Life Skills and Practical Skills Pathway)

Jonny Cottrill (Independent Learning and Living) 


Sophie Telford (Induction and Mentoring)

Connie Sinclair (SENCO)






Hayley Tucknott


Wren Class

Dawn Farmer


Robin Class

Jess Wigmore 


Kingfisher Class

Chloe Lambert 


Sparrow Class

Hayley Kirby 


Finch Class

Nicole Beard


Nuthatch Class

Hannah Illman 


Barn Owl Class

Claire Dean/Alex Elwood


Dove Class

Lydia Williams/Cass Minette-George


Starling Class

Erastus Kiage


Swan Class

Sophie Telford/Kathy Rice


Goldcrest Class

Holly Card


Swift Class

Sandra Jemmott


Cormorant Class

Dominic Geraghty

(Lead for Behaviour Support & Team Teach Trainer)


Woodpecker Class

Maria Castell-Aroca


Kestrel Class

Sue Leavett 


Heron Class

Aga Kumar


The Nest

Tom Stobie

(Lead for P.A.C.E & Team Teach Trainer) 


Linnet Class

Gosia Stendiuch


Raven Class

Sammy Reed    

Harrier Class

Katie Belassie-McCourt    

Osprey (6th Form)                                                                  Hayley Johnson

Non Class Based Staff


Ros Proyart (Wellbeing Coordinator & Team Teach Trainer)

Kelly Boahene (Family Support Worker)

Kellie Relf (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Gemma Mackey (Pupil Support Practitioner)

Gary Cooper (

Liz Gilbert (Curriculum Support Coordinator)

Clare Farmer (AQA Coordinator)

Janet Cox (Health and Safety Officer)

Roy Withers (Site Controller)

Eamonn Dowling ( Site Assistant)

Andrew Green (Lettings and Development Officer)


Admin Team


Vanessa Payne (HR Manager) 

Gill Thompson (Adminstration Officer)

Sally Birchenough (ICT Manager)

Karen Emery (Receptionist)

Jenny Hood (Admin Assistant)

Ang Miller (Admin Assistant)

Tracey Foster (Admin Assistant)


Integrated Therapies Team

Sally Badman (Physiotherapy Assistant)

Anna Nicolau Torrent (Physiotherapy)

Katherine Croshaw (Speech and Langauage)

Bethany Thorpe (Speech and Language Assistant)

Lottie Joy (Occupational Therapy)

Rachel Donovan-Jones (School Nurse)