Photos and News from Home

A place to share good news, successes and achievements
Please contact your class lead with any photos or comments that you would like to be shared on this page. Class photo albums can be found listed on the right hand side of this page.

We are so proud of our young people and what they are doing at home...

'Legend has been playing with Mega Bloks with his big brother'

'Matthew has been practising maths with water by filling and emptying different cups, doing shape hunts around the house, doing puzzles, building towers with blocks and counting how many blocks were in them, playing with letters and he even made up his own game where you hide the letters in a room and the other person has to find them. He’s also been helping around the house with things like dinner, laundry, bringing the clothes down and putting them in the washing machine'

'Oscar loved [the Attention Autism Live Stream Session]. It got him away from his game and he was smiling the whole time'