Resources Needed for Remote Sessions

Resources you will need if you and your child(ren) want to participate in stages 3 and 4 of the Attention Autism sessions that are being streamed (from week beginning 27th April).

Monday 27th April:
Stage 3 - raining on you

An umbrella (preferably clear or light in colour, but any will do)

A watering can with water in

A waterproof mat or table cover to place on the floor (or you can take the activity outside!)

A chair or stool to sit on - your child could stand or sit on the floor if preferred


Tuesday 28th:
Stage 3 - sausage roll

A large blanket

Wednesday 29th:
Stage 3 - a tickle or a squeeze?

A chair or stool to sit on (or something comfy!)


Thursday 30th:

Stage 3  - sleeping chicks/sleeping animals
Up to 5 small toy animals (e.g. rubber ducks, cake decoration Easter chicks, small farm animals) 

Up to 5 plastic plant pots, plastic cups or empty yoghurt pots (for the animals to be rested on top of)

A water gun with water in it (again, you may want to take this activity outside or to use a waterproof mat)

Stage 4 - flower printing
A tray, box or tupperware with the following inside:
- a paint pallette/paper plate/empty yoghurt pots with some different coloured paints in

- some flowers or leaves (e.g. daisies, dandelions, whatever you can find!) to dip into the paint

- a piece of paper to print onto


Friday 1st May:

Stage 3  - whack it!
Up to three plastic plant pots, waster paper bins, or boxes

Up to three light objects, such as a beach ball, an inflatable toy, a balloon, a plastic bag full of paper or other small bags (these will rest on top of the objects above)

An item to hit the light objects with, such as a kitchen roll, stick, a toy spade or bat

Stage 4 - build a rocket
A tray, box or tupperware with the following inside:
- 5 building blocks to make a tower (you could use more!). If you have a triangular shaped block to make the top of the rocket then that would be great.