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Movement Opportunities via Education (MOVE)


 The school has been awarded the MOVE Quality Mark.

The accolade measures the quality or provision of an organisation using the MOVE programme.

MOVE is used throughout the school to encourage and enable pupils to access the curriculum and exciting new learning opportunities.  Parents and pupils work together with school personnel and other professionals to set meaningful goals that will help them to maintain or improve independence.  These goals are monitored throughout the year and assessed at their annual review of statement as part of their personal target or physical development targets.

Pupils on the MOVE program have a range of physical needs such as balance issues or difficulty in walking, sitting or standing.  For the pupils with the most complex physical needs the MOVE program enables them to engage with the curriculum and to take a full role in all activities within our school community.  Individually specialised equipment is used at home and at school in order for pupils to practice skills. 

Moving forward, we are hoping to have 19 pupils on the MOVE program by the end of this year. We are planning MOVE days where MOVE pupils will be able to share their physical successes. We have provided specialised additional training for 25 adults for new and ongoing MOVE programs to continued. Lastly we have set up weekly MOVE clinics for all pupils and adults to manage accurate and safe practices enable sustained physical progress.