Travel Training


Travel Training is an effective way of ensuring that young people can travel independently.  Those taking part will ….

  • Feel more confident and independent
  • Arrive at school independently
  • Are more engaged, motivated and require less support
  • Have learned more about punctuality and attendance
  • Have access to a greater range of college courses and work experience
  • Can go out a lot more with their friends
  • Do not have rely on specialist transport – or their parents/carers
  • Have a better chance at finding a job
  • Feel safer


Young people are paired up with their own travel trainer. The trainer will conduct full risk assessments on a safe route to school or college and then accompany the child as they travel on public transport. 

On the way, they will pass on skills, hints and tips to help them get ready for making the journey on their own. The training covers:

  • Safe road crossing
  • Journey planning eg home to school , home to college
  • Getting to know their route using visual prompts
  • What to do if something goes wrong
  • Personal safety
  • Using money, bus passes and tickets


As their skills develop over time, they will undertake more of the journey on their own, with the trainer shadowing to ensure knowledge has been embedded. Once they are travelling safely and completely independently, they will be signed off.

Joseph's Travel Training Story

Joseph, from Magpie’s class, has been learning to travel independently from his home in Tilehurst to school on a daily basis since February half term. Joseph has been able to catch the number 33 bus from the bus stop outside his house and get off at Churchend Lane bus stop. Joseph uses his bus pass to pay for his journey.

Joseph has had the full support of his family assisting in his journeys  

The journey begins



              Leaving for school

                On my way





 Crossing the road safely


                              Nearly There!