Attention Autism

(Also referred to as 'attention bucket', 'bucket time', or an 'attention session').
For more information about the Attention Autism programme, its purpose, and how it can be adapted, please click on Information and Guidance on the right.

To see the resources needed if you want to participate in the stage 3 and 4 activities at home, please click on Resources Needed for Remote Sessions on the right.


Attention Autism sessions are being live streamed daily on our Facebook page at 10am (from Monday 20th April 2020):

You can also access them using the links below:

Introduction video:

Stage 1 session (bucket):

Stages 1&2 (bucket and attention builder):

Stages 1-3 (bucket, attention builder and an interactive game):

Stages 1-4 (bucket, attention builder, interactive game and 'table time'):

Stages 1&2 themed sessions:
May Day/Start of Summer -
Coronavirus/Keeping Healthy -
Birthday -
VE Day -