Attention Autism

(Also referred to as 'attention bucket', 'bucket time', or an 'attention session').

Information about the Attention Autism programme

Attention Autism is a 4-stage programme that 'offers the child an irresistible invitation to learn’ (Gina Davies, founder). The programme focuses on teaching and developing attention, communication and social interaction skills. Once children are familiar with the expectations and structure of the programme, it can be used to teach all areas of the curriculum in an engaging and highly motivating way that draws on shared moments.

Stage 1 – the bucket: 
Children learn to focus their attention on an adult-led activity (3-5 minutes).

Stage 2 – the attention builder:
Children learn to sustain their attention on an adult-led activity (stages 1 and 2 last up to10 minutes).

Stage 3 – the interactive game:
Children learn to shift their attention within a small group as they take turns in a game (stages 1,2 and 3 last 15-20 minutes)

Stage 4 – table time:
Children use all the skills practised above to watch the lead adult demonstrate a simple task, take the equipment from the group to a table/suitable area, complete the task as independently as possible alongside others, then return to the group (stages 1-4 last 20-30 minutes in total).

We can highly recommend watching some of the 'Attention Autism Strategies: How To Do It' videos being uploaded onto the Gina Davies Autism Centre YouTube channel - they are very short and really informative. Great to get a better understanding of the programme, especially if you want to give it a go at home:

You can access an Attention Autism playlist on our YouTube Channel, where you will find multiple sessions that have been filmed by one of our Assistant Head Teachers. To see the resources needed if you want to participate in the stage 3 and 4 activities with your children at home, please click on Resources Needed for Remote Sessions on the right.