Core Curriculum - Physical Development

We believe that physical development plays a central role in helping young people to reach their potential.

We aim to provide a progressive curriculum that is inclusive and aspirational, supporting the physical needs of all our young people.  It will develop confidence and competence in movement through play, physical activity and more formal Physical Education (PE) and sport. 

The experiences that we give our young people will enable them to be physically active for sustained periods of time. They will also develop an understanding of the contribution that physical exercise can make to a healthy, active life.  Our young people will develop their physical abilities, learning to move effectively and imaginatively in a variety of situations, working independently or in groups. Through the enjoyment of these physical activities we hope to encourage a life-long love of exercise.

We see opportunities for physical development throughout the school day and in every location around the school.  In this way we embed physical development consistently into daily routines offering times to consolidate, for example, during playtimes, visits to the toilet and movement breaks in class.

Each pathway also has a physical development afternoon, where classes have an opportunity to work together and share spaces across the school including the sports hall, the square, sensory rooms and soft play as well as outside spaces such as the field and the multi-use games area (MUGA).

Our Physical Development curriculum also supports emotional development, helping to develop positive mental health and wellbeing. It supports social and communication development through the interaction with others in groups and teams and cognitive development by understanding of the purpose of movement and exercise and how we can in improve and enhance it.