Green Pathway


Green Pathway (Intent)

This pathway is designed to meet the needs of pupils facing the most profound and multiple barriers to learning. The curriculum will enrich pupils’ lives through immersive learning experiences; enable pupils to enjoy good health, both physical and mental; facilitate pupils’ engagement with the world around them and enable social inclusion.

Teaching aims to develop pupils’ capacities in four key areas:

  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication
  • Physical Development and Sensory Integration
  • Cognition and Learning 

Teachers plan their learning activities with reference to the following key outcomes:

  • Pupils will develop interest in, and purposeful responses to, sights, sounds, touch and other sensory experiences
  • Pupils will develop awareness of others by being part of a group
  • Pupils will experience and learn to anticipate consistent adult responses to their vocalisations, gestures, movements and words
  • Pupils will learn to develop consistent responses in order to communicate wants, needs and preferences
  • Pupils will learn to move in response to sensory stimulation  and develop body-awareness and control
  • Pupils will be supported to maintain a healthy body and mind
  • Pupils will develop their attention span
  • Pupils will experience and learn to anticipate structure and routine
  • Pupils will experience and enjoy elements of different cultures through multi- sensory experiences and the arts
  • Pupils will develop awareness of nature through immersive outdoor learning experiences

Assessment (Impact)

Our pupils’ learning is captured and reviewed using the Interactive Learning Diary (ILD). Through the ILD we are able to record progress towards: key outcomes for the pathway; pupils’ personal goals; EHCP outcomes. Pupil Progress Meetings are held three times a year between the class teacher and the Assistant Head for the curriculum pathway. These meetings ensure that our judgments are accurate and that we are maximising opportunities for our pupils to learn and progress. Attendance data, behaviour data, and sensory profiling information may contribute towards a measure of our pupils’ health and wellbeing. Where appropriate, SaLT, OT and Physiotherapy reports will also be referred to, in order to gain a holistic picture of each pupil’s progress.