Teaching & Learning

At the heart of our teaching and learning is a meaningful, appropriate and carefully constructed curriculum which is our most powerful tool for achieving the aspirational outcomes we set for our pupils. Our curriculum is a granular small steps curriculum, combining evidence-based early development as well as broken down, rigorous and successful academic programs. It is an innovative continuum, inclusive of our diverse pupil population and lends it itself well to planning and teaching a personalised curriculum to our pupils all of whom have an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP).

Our curriculum supports the development of the whole child and enables pupils to enjoy quality of life through healthy living and positive relationships with self, peers, adults, community and environment. Our curriculum strives to support the development of the whole child so that each individual may fully realise their potential and feel prepared for life beyond school. Our curriculum aims to support our pupils in developing their knowledge, skills, experience and imagination to their maximum and in growing into well rounded young adults who are able to take the lead in living inspirational, happy lives as independently as possible.

In our teaching and learning, we may use:

  • Multisensory-based learning including sensory stories, sensory journeys, story massage and tacpac
  • Visuals, including signs, symbols and photos
  • Attention Autism
  • A carousel format
  • TEACCH – structured teaching, including a teaching table with adult support and an independent workstation  
  • Intensive interaction
  • PECS, AACs, switches, objects of reference
  • Signing, especially Makaton sign language